Every week we go a few times on the streets in groups of two.
We go on the streets in order to build personal relationships. We often find that women are very damaged, and they find it very difficult to trust people. This takes time... more

Personal Stories

Last month we took a girl out to lunch, she started to dream again about a future she once had. She stepped out and we took her by the hand and searched for how to practically lead her into her dream... more

Welcome to Iris Dignity

  • Tryphina Sithole & Catherine Restiau

    About Iris Dignity

    We are a small group of missoniaries from the four corners of the world that have experienced the power of radical love and are compelled to share it, particularly with those on the streets in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

    We started reaching out to the ladies on the street,  then God opened the doors to plant a church in the Brothel.  This was all in one week! Women and men started coming to hear the word of God.

  • Statement towards prostitution and role of Dignity

    Dignity believes that prostitution is dehumanising and exploitative. It brings harm to society, women, men and children. Dignity believes that society has to offer possibilities for every woman to generate an income other than prostituting herself. Dignity sees it’s role as being a voice for women trapped in prostitution and in giving support to women in prostitution and offering help where needed. This includes practical guidance and support in stepping out of prostitution as well as building up a new life.

    Dignity will work together with like-minded organizations and aims to collaborate against human trafficking and any exploitation within the sex-industry. Dignity will be a voice for victims and survivors of this trade

  • Life Projects

    We have different projects such as:Life Project; Esther Project & Skills Training

    Over the past two years we have had the great privilege of helping many ladies who have made the difficult decision to leave their lives of prostitution.
    The reality is that often these women want to stop but they see no alternative due to a lack of compassion and practical support for themselves and those family members and children that depend on their income. They know themselves that it is not realistic to think they can just step into another full time job ... more

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