We have different projects such as:

  • Life Project
  • Esther Project
  • Skills Training

  • Over the past two years we have had the great privilege of helping many ladies who have made the difficult decision to leave their lives of prostitution.
    The reality is that often these women want to stop but they see no alternative due to a lack of compassion and practical support for themselves and those family members and children that depend on their income. They know themselves that it is not realistic to think they can just step into another full time job. However, making the decision to quit means losing their income, often their home and finding themselves completely alone, facing emotional abuse and never knowing what the next day will bring.

    Without the right support through this difficult life changing decision, they might not make it.
    As an organization we have been able to offer practical help and also encouragement, hope and friendship. We have helped guide these women through all the different stages of building a new life.

    Together we look for possibilities in each unique situation. For example, when a woman is coming out of forced prostitution there is a specific urgent need for a safe place to stay. All women need time and a place to rest and think about their future. Questions such as what goals do they want to set for themselves, do they want to stay in Nelspruit or return home?

    Life Projects

    Life Project is a sponsorship program that aims to offer these women the possibility to take that step, leave prostitution and build a new brighter future for themselves.
    Stepping out of prostitution is a big step. It is a real turning point towards Life as it was meant to be.
    Ladies in the Life project will be guided by Dignity. During the first month the woman will work on a personal plan that will be a guideline for the next three months. Guidance will include working on self image, coming to terms and coping with the past and concentrating on the future. Training and working towards finding a job is also included. The possible return to their home will be prepared and guided.

    How it works:

    • Each woman will be sponsored for 4 months at a cost of 2500Rand or $250 per month
    • Sponsorship can be done individually or by a group i.e. family, friends, prayer or Bible study group, church, work colleagues, etc.
    • For example; a group of 10 people will each sponsor the woman with 250R or $25/month
    • Each sponsor or group will receive a picture, a personal story and a monthly update
    • Each group will have one contact for communication with dignity
    • Christian groups will also be asked to pray for the lady.

    For your information

    • A one off or smaller monthly donation is welcome but donors will not receive a personal story or update
    • If the sponsored woman terminates her guidance from dignity before the end of the 4 month period Dignity will immediately notify the sponsor or group
    • Sponsorship money will cover basic needs but another income is vital. This could come from the project called ‘Skills Training’ and/or a cleaning/housekeeping job. A stay in a shelter is possible by sponsorship through ‘the Life Project’.

    Skills Training

    In the past we had business skills training weekends for ladies that wanted to start their own business. This year we will have a follow up on that. We will also be doing classes on how to discover your talents and giftings, self development, through discovering their redemptive gifts.
    We are on the verge of starting jewellery making classes and nail technician classes. The ladies can come to learn to make earrings and necklaces. It will be a time of fellowship during which fun and creativity will be the main focus so they can be proud of what they accomplish.

    Computer lessons at the Nelspruit Community Forum

    We are always looking for people who want to share their talents and skills.

    The Esther Project

    Every Friday we each take out a Lady and give her the princess treatment.
    This looks different each time. Sometimes we take them out for lunch, have some one-on-one time, have a heart to heart conversation. We leave her with a little gift bag filled with small gifts for encouragement and love.
    Other times we spoil them with a beauty treatment donated by our lovely sister from church.
    On special days like valentines or Christmas we go out to the ladies with beauty baskets. Sometimes we give roses. Whatever the Lord provides for that time.
    This Christmas we will also be having a Christmas lunch party at our new drop in centre. Whoever wants to be involved in feeding these ladies food, love and joy please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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